Nectar Coffee is the female-owned roaster brewing change

Nectar Coffee Roasters

We love coffee. Cafe bought, pod machine crafted or just-add-water instant, we love coffee in all its beautiful forms. Just when we thought we couldn’t love coffee any more, Nectar Coffee has come along to give both our tastebuds and our hearts something to love.

Founded by three badass Adelaide gals Georgia, Alia and Mia, Nectar Coffee is here to make a change in the industry while also delivering on a delicious product. They’ve noticed an imbalance of female-owned roasters and coffee businesses in Australia, with women holding a much smaller number of the top jobs than men. They cite a study from the ATO that found 58% of bar attendants and baristas were women, but men were 2.5 times more likely to reach the highest pay bracket in those same jobs.

Not ones to sit by and live with the inequality, these brew babes are here to up the senior representation of women in the coffee industry, and they’re not stopping there. Paying it forward to help support other women, 5% of each Nectar purchase is donated to make an impact on female social causes. Talk about inspirational vibes.

Nectar Coffee Roasters

While their ethical stance is one to be admired, let’s get down to what they’re actually brewing: coffee. Whatever your preference, Nectar Coffee has got a bean for you. From single origin to filter roast, espresso blend to decaf, each variety has a name, a personality and a unique design on the bag, adding some fun character and personality to the product.

If you’re like us and prefer to use a pod machine (mostly because we move around so much a proper big coffee machine isn’t very practical), Nectar Coffee caters for that too with the red and pink Flora offering. All elements of the pod are Australian certified compostable and biodegradable, making them an even more attractive pick compared to other brands in the market. Plus, they taste incredible too, and have been part of our morning routine for the last few weeks.

If you’re keen to stock your kitchen with Nectar Coffee’s beans, you can try their offering with a one-off purchase on the website, or join the Brew Club. A handy subscription service, you can choose how frequently you’d like your coffee to be delivered and bag a discount while you’re at it. The first 50 people to join Brew Club also get a funky graphic tee, making it truly the gift that keeps on giving.

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