The new Nokia 7.1 is perfect for content creators

HMD Global threw a huge party to announce the launch of the Nokia 7.1 in London, and we were there to check out the new camera capabilities and viewing quality.

While we do have an interest in technology (who doesn’t these days) we’re not going to pretend we’re tech-heads who understand all the ins and outs of mobile phones. What we do look out for though is a phone that will help us create and capture content on the go, as with the release of each new phone the quality of social media posts becomes more competitive.

We were able to give the new phone a test run at the Nokia party, trying it out in different light setting and scenarios that we would actually be taking phone photos in. Capturing professional-looking photos of the gorgeous food displays was all the more simple thanks to the same dual rear cameras that we’ve grown so used to with our current Nokia 7+ and 8 Sirocco. The difference between our models and the 7.1 in clarity and autofocus was clear though, and our favourite Bokeh mode was somehow made even better. The new camera features an innovative system powered by ZEISS Optics, with 12MP/5MP cameras.

Nokia 7.1 launch London

Taking snaps of the incredible food on display

As with our current models, there’s the option of Pro Camera Mode where you can control the white balance, ISO, aperture and shutter speed like on a DSLR. We’ve yet to master this feature though however, we’ve been more than happy with the images produced from the regular camera mode and Bokeh.

As we film all our Instastory, IGTV videos and occasionally vlogs (when we forget out vlog camera – oops) on our phones, filming capabilities are just as important for us. The Electronic Image Stabilisation is essential in helping us capture smooth content, and the Nokia 7.1 boasts wonderful stabilisation as well as 360° spacial audio recording.

Another super fun feature is the ability to capture and stream video from your phone using both the front and the rear camera at the same time. This would be incredible for us at events, as we could record what we’re seeing while also talking to the camera to give some narration to the video.

Nokia 7.1 launch London

Testing out how it performs in extreme lighting

For those who are constantly streaming Facebook, YouTube and Instagram videos on their phones like we are, the Nokia 7.1 is the first smartphone to come with PureDisplay screen technology. Described as offering ‘stunning HDR cinematic quality entertainment inside and out’, our favourite YouTubers and influencers are going to look all the more crisp and colourful on this new phone.

If you’re content creators like us or simply enjoy capturing your best moments to share with the world, we’d highly recommend giving the new Nokia 7.1 a go. We’d certainly love to get our hands on one, and for those who are wary about spending over a thousand dollars/ pounds on a phone, you’ll be pleased to know it’ll be retailing for $499/£299.

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