An Ode to Thanksgiving at The Woodcroft Hotel

As many of us were absorbed in the madness of Black Friday, the preceding holiday of Thanksgiving was, almost simultaneously, also taking place in the States.

And attractive retail sales weren’t the only American import this week, with the Woodcroft Hotel deciding to adopt the November holiday and host their very own Thanksgiving Feast.

Come Friday evening, we travelled a little south. Soon to find ourselves in the hilly (and admittedly quite unfamiliar) southern suburbs of Adelaide, we were en route to the trendy Woodcroft Hotel.

The charming establishment, with its rustic and contemporary interior, seemed to offer patrons the traditional watering hole they’d expect, yet with a premium pub feel and a seemingly satisfying dining experience.

While the Woodcroft is already committed to bringing us the ‘soul of the south’, their Thanksgiving Feast remained particularly faithful to the holiday’s roots, with all things American listed on its menu.

The appetiser delivered bruschetta but with an unexpected twist. Sweet butternut squash and apple, positioned on a bed of cream cheese made for a nicely-contrasted dish that was then teamed-up with a classic lager of the States – Budweiser.

Next, we sampled the chicken and sausage gumbo: a stew-like dish with origins in the state of Louisiana. The entrée was rich in flavor and not spicy enough that it could infuriate sensitive taste buds either. The accompanying muffin-shaped cornbread – and the whisky that came out with it – had been carefully and cleverly crafted to fit-in with the Thanksgiving theme.

And true to form, the main meal would bring us turkey. In a more specific (and mouth-watering recount), turkey mignon wrapped in double smoked ham, with a necessary stuffing and a complimenting gravy poured over it. The dish, served with an abundance of sides, was satiating but didn’t leave you feeling like you might’ve shamefully (or if you like, shamelessly) overeaten.

To finish off, we were treated to an ‘old fashioned’ coffee and a traditional apple pie. The American-style dessert was done so delectably, it ought to have become the most loved and memorable part of the Woodcroft’s Thanksgiving Feast.

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