Photo Diary: Travelling to the Grecian paradise of Lefkada Island

Whisked away on our very last European summer holiday for 2018, we escaped to the blissfully peaceful island of Lefkada in Greece. Being one of the quieter Greek Islands compared to that of its highly touristic counterparts such as Santorini and Mykonos, Lefkada was everything we hoped for on our final relaxing summer getaway.

We ventured out to some truly spectacular sites, such as the famous beach Porto Katsiki (which Mel kept mispronouncing as Port Tzatziki HAHA) and the rural villages tucked away up in the hills. Authentic Greek food was also aplenty, and we’re pretty sure we indulged in a baked feta and tzatziki plate at just about every cafe we visited. Our trip ended quite brilliantly with a stunning fireworks display on the shores of a sandy beach and a vibrant boat party upon turquoise blue seas.

To get a taste of our dreamy holiday, you can watch our vlog here. However, if you’re just after some pretty pictures, scroll down to find our photo diary below. Unlike our regular photo diaries, this collective has been created using a mixture of phone photos and Canon DLSR. The reason for this is we have recently been gifted the Nokia 8 Sirocco and decided to give its multimedia facilities a little test run; as you can tell, the colour in the photos actually turned out quite fantastically (only mild Photoshop retouching has been used to up the contrast on all photos).



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