Foodie fanatics, there’s a new app you need to know about

Ever found yourself walking endlessly through your local Woolworths desperately trying to find those ingredients from the new recipe you want to try out? Of course you have (and if you tell me you haven’t, you’re a damn liar), but what if there was an app that instantly found these groceries for you and delivered them straight to your door?

Well, there is. And it’s called Playt.

As CEO, Nicole Henderson put it at their launch party on Thursday night, Playt aims to turn #foodporn into #functionalfoodporn, meaning your meals will be as easy to create as they are delicious. As we kicked back in their uber-cool office at Moonshine Lab, invited guests were able to understand the creative (and technical) process that was required to develop this handy pocket shopper.

Jason Neave and Nicole Henderson

Co-founders Jason Neave and Nicole Henderson

As the night kicked off, guests were treated to an array of meals prepared with the help of this nifty little app (and of course, a side of wine), before co-founders Nicole Henderson, Christian Ullmark and Jason Neave talked us through the process, leaving us all dying to try it.

Whether you’re flicking through the latest issue of Donna Hay, or scrolling through the endless supply of recipes on, all it takes is a simple snap of the recipe and Playt will instantly source the ingredients from Woolworths and deliver them to your door (or you can arrange to pick them up from your local store).

This app delivers more than just the ingredients needed for your Thursday night spag bol, allowing you to edit the shopping list to add regular household items like toothpaste (or a sneaky packet of Oreos – we’re not judging).

Whatever your dietary requirements are, whether you’re vegan/vegetarian/coeliac or are just a busy human, Playt is the perfect solution.

It’s plain to see that there a big things ahead for this entrepreneurial trio, who have already partnered with supermarket giant, Woolworths before their app has even launched! We cant wait to see what they do next!

Images: Liberty Petersen

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