Sushi Planet touches down in Modbury

North-eastern suburbians rejoice, for Sushi Planet has finally come to Modbury!

This week, we were treated to platter upon platter of sushi in all sorts of shapes, colours and flavours – from the familiar to the weird and wonderful!

Sushi Planet prides itself in providing the ‘freshest exquisite sushi’ as well as specialising in the popular Japanese charcoal grilled skewers – yakitori.

Sushi Planet prepares every single dish only after orders are placed, ensuring freshness and quality above all else.

After the success of the first Sushi Planet in the heart of the CBD, there are high hopes for the expansion of the franchise to Modbury Triangle shopping precinct.

This trendy little restaurant’s optimal location, with both an entrance from the carpark as well as the shopping precinct itself, should draw in big crowds from afternoon shoppers looking to drop in for a light lunch or indulgent dinner.

The interior’s contemporary design features a wooden theme, and the open kitchen layout give the restaurant an urban vibe, perfectly suited to the gourmet sushi on offer.

Even the little soy sauce bottles have been carefully chosen to match the modern theme! If all that’s not enough to convince you to drop by for a visit, Sushi Planet even offers a range of delicious cocktails to try.

If you fancy a night in on the couch, Sushi Planet also offer takeaway and delivery. There’s nothing quite like having fresh sushi delivered to your door in a tiny nigiri-shaped car.

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