The Fruitful Pursuit takes Sager + Wilde

On a sunny Sunday afternoon in East London, we helped our friend James Hopkins celebrate his first-ever The Fruitful Pursuit event in London. Another Adelaidian who’s joined us over here in the UK, we’ve been on The Fruitful Pursuit journey since the beginning and are so excited to see it expand internationally.

Held at popular wine bar Sager + Wilde, it saw the wines of six Australian producers come together for free wine tastings, as well as sell some of their delicious bottles. As with any good Aussie event there was a BBQ, grilling up sausages handmade using a Syrah from one of the winemakers. Served up with tzatziki, sriracha and crispy shallots, it was gourmet BBQ at its most accessible and finest. Giant, gooey Vegemite and cheese toasties were on offer too, as well as fairy bread that was passed around the room for dessert.

It was an amazing way to spend an afternoon in London, surrounded by people from all corners of the globe chatting together and enjoying Australian wine. The Fruitful Pursuit will be hosting more events like this in the future, so keep an eye on their socials for more info.

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