Unsuitable: Suitable for all Lovers of Knee-Slapping Comedy

The Belfast inspired circus act ‘Unsuitable’ really does stick true to Bono’s words, ‘The Irish Cirque du Soleil if Cirque du Soleil were hit by a bus, set on fire and then put out with a sledgehammer’. And let me tell you, this hammer-smashing Fringe show is darn hilarious.

The group of five internationally acclaimed acrobats, aerialists and gymnasts put on a tumble circus show with plenty of tricks and bum-slaps. Forget what you know about order and direction – these guys make walking and summersaulting in circles far more entertaining than the average circus act.

Expect a fight over ribbons, a gender-questioning trapeze performance, a sad clown, and a fast-forwarded enactment of the 2007 Irish economic boom. It included marshmallows being pelted at my face, and I loved every bit of it.

Due to an inconvenient performance next door at the Adelaide Oval (thanks, Ed Sheeran), we had quite a small crowd. I would love to see this performance again with a full house to witness how well the performers can bounce off the audience’s reactions and play it into their act.

A funny, smart, entertaining show the whole family will love.

★★★★  4/5 stars


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