Yay or nay? The bicycle short trend edition

Love it or loathe it, the bicycle short trend has been making its way onto our feeds and on street style blogs everywhere. Global brands like Saint Laurent and Off-White have been sending models down the runway sporty-luxe versions of the activewear essential, but how well do they fare on the regular gal?

In the lead up to last night’s summer party with Boohoo, I decided there could not better a time to try out this trend. Boohoo have quite the extensive range of fashionable bicycle shorts available in different colours and styles, including some ultra cute coords. Websites like Boohoo and Pretty Little Thing have crazy low price points that make them perfect for those who want to experiment with a new trend, but are unsure if they want to commit to spending loads of money on a piece yet.

Channelling my inner Kim K, I decided to go for this coord for the event. At just £15 for the entire set, this outfit was an absolute steal. With the range on offer being so vast and versatile, it made choosing the perfect pair pretty difficult (there was so many ones I loved!). I opted for this ribbed knit khaki set mainly because I’m a huge fan of ribbed knits and find them quite flattering. With a design like the cycling short, I wasn’t entirely sure it was going to flatter my body shape, so I thought at least I’d go for the type of material I know I like.

Now in all honesty, I don’t often wear bodycons. It’s mainly because I find bloating to be an issue (I eat and drink a lot when I go out lol), so I was weary upon purchasing this set. However, when I pulled the fit together, I found the cut to be super flattering for my bum, waist and hips. Having been going to the gym a lot more regularly lately, I think this definitely helped. Naturally, I still found myself sucking in my tummy to try keep that flat stomach though!

What I think I love most about bike shorts (oh yes, I’m converted btw) is that they’re a kinda classy yet sexy version of just regular shorts. They stick to your figure very tightly, with a waist band that cinches in your waist and complements an hourglass figure. If you wanna show off your glutes, cycling shorts are a must! Seeing as the length reaches the knee, they can be worn with a lengthy T-Shirt, bandeau crop or oversized hoodie and they won’t really look tacky, unlike mini shorts. To me, they’re like a pants version of the bodycon midi skirt. Dress up with heels or down with chunky sneakers and you’ll be looking bang on trend!

Perhaps a quick note: maybe steer clear of the light colours and nudes if you plan on wearing cycling shorts somewhere that’s going to be sweaty and hot. As they stick so closely to your skin, it’s very easy to absorb sweat patches, particularly on the lower back. Believe me – speaking from experience – I wore the Boohoo coord to an adult ballpit cocktail bar and it was sweats galore! I was not stoked about the sweat patch I only later noticed in photos :’). Choosing one with a thicker material might help a little.


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So, if you wanna get the Kimmy K x Yeezy sports luxe look and have the confidence to pull off the cycling shorts trend, then seriously go for it! You won’t know you love a trend ’til you try it, and that’s just what happened with me and cycling shorts.

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