Dining decadently at YX Mini Hot Pot

YX Mini Hot Pot Sydney

There’s nothing quite like getting a group of friends together to share a good hot pot. The smorgasbord of meat and veg, the interactive element of cooking it all, testing out all kinds of dips and sauces… it’s really quite the foodie heaven. And us being the foodies we are, we can never say no to a night of hot-potting.

When we visited YX Mini Hot Pot the other day, we were absolutely spoiled for choice with all the amazing food options. Offering decadent platters and creative food styling, the evening was just about as Insta-worthy as it gets. The interior design was equally decadent, offering sleek black booths and luxurious marble-top tables. We particularly enjoyed the privacy of the booths. That, in conjunction with a seriously plush, comfortable cushioning, had us cosying up and chatting all night until close.

In the corner of the restaurant was a condiments station lining up all your favourites and more. Mixing and matching with toppings such as crispy shallots, fresh chilli and coriander, there was an endless abundance of flavours to choose from. Once we had a little play around, we returned to our seats to choose our broth, down some wine and kick off our spice-filled extravaganza.

We chose the mushroom broth and chicken broths, which was split up into individual hot pots as opposed to the traditional singular sharing pot. This was much more of a pandemic-safe option, and was actually just a lot easier to work with. We found YX’s broth to also be lighter and less greasy than regular hot pot, which was definitely favourable. It meant we could consume more of the good stuff — the ingredients!

Our favourite ingredient selection was the indulgent mixed meat platter, including a raw Matsuzaka Pork centrepiece in the shape of a rose. It was almost too pretty to eat! There were also wagyu beef slices cut finely, kuroge wagyu, and pork belly. Coming in close second were the raw prawns stuffed in cute little test tubes! And we devoured a number of others, including Jade Perch fish slices, tiger prawns, fish balls and dumplings, and a huge, colourful vegetable platter. Complete with udon noodles to cook and fluffy buns with condensed milk for dessert, you bet we finished it all.

If this sounds right up your alley, you can find the main YX Mini Hot Pot restaurant located in the bustling Haymarket hub. Alternatively, there may be another restaurant closer to you. There is the concept store in Eastwood, which looks absolutely incredible in photos. And there’s a Brisbane store, too. To suss out the online menu and read more about the YX group, you can visit their website.

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